Rick Schell Lic. Broker

Rick Schell is an entrepreneur and business owner. His career spans back to the 1980s. Still a teenager, he started his career working in a machine shop. He is very familiar with the metals industries and for this reason enjoys working with businesses in these industries to this day. Rick  proudly served in the United States Army,  he volunteered while still in high school. He passed the audition and because of this was accepted as a trumpet player in the Army Band.

From there, Rick then spent 28 years in the insurance and financial services. He has owned multiple companies over the years, building them from the ground up. Rick went from startup to the successful sale of the business. Because of this he knows how to prepare a company to take to market. He is highly experienced with the due diligence process. And for this reason, Rick makes the selling process much easier for you. He is focused, and will work very hard to successfully take your business all the way to close.

Success Through Hard Work

Rick Schell enjoys success as a business broker. By his second year in business ranked in the top ten percent of all real estate agents nationwide. He is a business owner who has successfully started, built and sold companies. Because of this, Rick has a unique outlook, he has empathy because he understands the selling side of the table.

Rick understands the challenges, fears and concerns of a business owner throughout the entire process of selling his or her company. This company is not just an asset, it is part of you. Your company is part of your legacy and it is important for it to go to someone who will run it and build it like you did. Your name just might even be on the business and you want your good name to live on. Rick will aggressively market your company. Many times by many different people, Rick has been called tenacious. So in conclusion, look at it like this, If you are serious about selling your company, Rick is serious about getting it sold.